About Me

Well hello! You've stumbled into the crazy world of squirrelpearl, where I've been occasionally rambling on since 2007.  Here, you are most likely to find some of my favorite handmade and vintage goods, occasionally recipes, tv or movies that interest me as well as personal inspirations and a little bit of DIY.  I spend my time creating the squirrelpearl artwork you see here, as well as my line of architectural wood jewelry, which can be found at Acorn + Archer.


I love to create plain and simple...and would much rather spend my time sewing, knitting, screenprinting or anything using my hands-(with the exception of time killing on the internet by reading blogs and shopping) than doing just about anything else. I don't post as often as I would like here on the blog, but I always find some time to post something when it inspires me. Those inspirations most often are found in good design.  So, thanks for stopping in to my little corner of the blogosphere, and please, leave a comment, let me know you are reading!  :-)

►You can find me on Twitter: squirrel_pearl and acorn_archer !

►You can also find me on Facebook!

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