Fresh air

Our house is the picture of fall right now...the leaves, the mums, the pumpkins....I love it!!!! The air seems crisp and somehow, easier to breathe.  Don't you agree?


The tag sale was a great success!  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day, and despite the cold start to the morning, somehow my fair skin even got sunburned???  It was fun to make some new friends and all in all it was a great opportunity for me to clean out the basement, and make a nice little profit at the same time!  

Here's what I sold and a few more photos throughout the day!

My Acorn + Archer jewelry didn't sell well, but I think most people that came after the first rush of fellow bloggers and lovers of mid-century, were in hot pursuit of yard sales....and we were no yard sale.  There were hagglers like you've never seen!

If you were unable to join us, keep your ears peeled because we may do another one next Spring! Thanks again to everyone who was able to attend, and a special thanks to Modfrugal, My Interior Life and Me, You and a Wiener for including me!


Tag sale

Hi pals! I know I've been gone for quite a while...I've had some mental and emotional cobwebs to clear out, I've written several (seven eleven and counting) blog posts and just never felt like I was in a place of wanting to share, so I never posted them.  I hope to share more important and noteworthy information soon, but for now...I have  some fun news to share!
This Saturday, October 1st come check out our pop-up shop/ tag sale in Berry Hill!!  I will be there with Acorn + Archer jewelry as well as some mid-century modern/industrial treasures...and will be joined by three other lovely ladies and their abundance of mid-century and antiques!
Be sure to check out the other bloggers and previews of items for sale on their blogs!

Hope to see you then!


Scout's honor

When I was a kid, I wasn't interested in Girl Scouts in the least....around 5th grade, I switched schools and it seemed like all of the girls were involved, so I went with it...I went to a few meetings, and it was ok....but when I realized that they didn't serve girl scout cookies at the meetings and that they did things like CAMP and hang out outdoors...heh, I was out of there!
However, in college I developed a love of all things scout kitch...girl scout/boy scout/cub scout badges, handbooks...you name it.  I have a little shrine set up on one of our bedroom shelves paying homage to all things scout.  This summer, I came across some wood plaques with animal faces on them that looked like some type of award.  A little research and it turned out they were boy scout plaques from the 1960's.  I was in love!!!  I paid a little more than I should have, but I wanted to keep all three together- they had made it this far as a trio, who was I to split them up?!

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