This is a test...this is only a test.

I've tired of reading everyone else's blogs and all of the neat things they find that inspire them, so I'm giving it a shot myself!  Hello blog.I have pages of post-it notes from quickly jotted down websites and things that I want to remember to check out. I decided today, why not make an online post-it? Complete with pictures and links and comments and perhaps even my own creations that are spurred from the items that inspire me??

Here goes......

First on my mind today -- A rug for our bedroom:

Urban's awesome printed rugs are on sale! I think it would look great with our comforter in the upstairs bedroom, but then again it could possibly be too matchy matchy.

I'm also obsessed with all things mid-century modern. Reside has some items that I'll never be able to afford, but love to look at and drool. 

Such as this sofa:

That's all my online inspiration I have to share for today, we'll see how this blogging thing goes.

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