turn that frown upside down.

i finally have new prints to go in my etsy shop as well as to take to the local art gallery here. So far, there are four new prints that I've done incorporating vintage children's books and digital design work as well as a few of my little doodles. we'll have to see how it goes! I'm picking up the prints tomorrow, so if they look as I hope they do - then I should have them in the shop by the end of the week. I just realized that the watermark on the first one says, sdquirrelpearl.etsy.com haha.
The first is aptly named, "the skeleton key". The second is called, "i'll keep watch" and i'm not so sure of that yellowy color, that may need to be changed. And the third is the same dwarf little guy on a stump looking out over the other dwarfs and he is called, "the leader". the dwarf came from one children's book and the stump actually had a different little man on it, but i cut him out and replaced him with this one.
I feel pretty good about these guys, I spent the first half the day at the computer searching for a new job and then decided to do something creative to make me feel better and this is what came out of it. Eeeeep!

And lastly, something iv'e been playing around with using some digital files that i purchased via an etsy shop. i specifically bought the package for the words (i used in the flower) and the background cream and green pattern, but i'm so new to this digi game that i didn't think about that i can't use the files for profit! duh! so, i'll just use them for practice! i just cut shapes out of the words image and then colored part of it that green color to create the flower, and the lady is from a vintage sewing pattern that i found at some thrift store. i have tons more to scan...i guess i need to get busy!


Panda Parables said...

i love love love love 'i'll keep watch.' did i mention i love it? you are awesome!

theblondemule said...


carolyn said...

awww, shucks! thanks guys!!

the orange bicycle said...

oh my. all amazing.
1 of each please. put it on my tab.

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