Whoa, I mean whoa.

I've been a bit behind on my catching up in the blog world lately. I just saw this post via bloesem from last month, about these plates from Joshua Gajownik. They rock my boat. Apparently, he's still looking for someone to pick them up and put them into production, so I (and you!) can't buy them just yet...but a little searching and I was able to find him mentioned on several blogs, so surely production is just around the corner for him! They are seriously, seriously awesome.

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freshie (and zero) said...

I love those plates too. I'm not sure why since all it makes me think of is schoolwork - mostly math - yuck!

Sorry to get back to you on your blog but I don't have a current email for you. I would love your help with my boxes and I would be honored - I love your illustrations! The lead time was 6-8 weeks so I didn't have time to order them before Renegade but I definitely want to order them!!

Email me. We'll chat. :)

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