what up dawg?

I am so excited to be able to share this with people...there is a man (I think to be homeless) who rides around East Nashville on a ten speed bike- not just any bike, but one that he has added an extra seat to so that his dog can ride with! Every time I see him, I light up and smile and sometimes even wave at him because seeing a dog riding on a bike..just, man oh man..it's great. So, yesterday on my way home and whilst chatting on the telly, I see the man and his dog! I do a straight up U turn and take off after him. I grab my camera and jump out of my car (after putting it in park, of course) and approach him...I tell him that it makes me so happy to see that darn dog riding a bike and can I please take a picture? His response? "Wellll, I could really use some smokes."
So I tell him that I don't smoke, but I would be happy to give him a dollar!! haha...Luckily, he bought it! So, he (and the dog) posed for me! And now...here they are..for your viewing pleasure! Tada!


the orange bicycle said...

i see them all the time! i love them! im so glad you captured this. should i feel about about being mroe inclined to help a homeless person when he's sporting a dog?

theblondemule said...

This made my day!

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