ah, fall clothes...

Why is it when you have absolutely NO money you want to spend, spend, spend? This morning I did a little virtual shopping with my invisible money. It all started when I found these shoes/booties.
I love that they are grey because you can wear them with anything. I bought a neat grey pair last year that were suede and patent leather, but returned them because I felt guilty spending the money at the time- and I felt a little out of my comfort zone with the strange shoe/boots on. But by now, the trend has caught on much more and I wouldn't look like such a freak of nature wearing them. So, after the shoes, I got on a "kick" and started looking for things to go with my new shoes.
This hair bow rocks my socks. I....want...it. For reals.

Next up is this cardigan from Anthropologie, I love love love it too.

I would wear it over this Lauren Conrad dress to make the dress more casual...I want this dress in the worst way.

Grand total of this outfit...without tights or a purse yet... $523! That's affordable, right??

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theblondemule said...

I love those gray boots!

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