Dream Wishlist to give and to get!!

Better late than never (which is almost always my mantra!)....I put together things that I've been saving in a file folder on my desktop of things that I would love to give or get for Christmas...there are always questions from relatives as to what you would like, so I combed through my computer and added links to things that I felt were neato...and you probably will too!! Several are online and can therefore be shipped wherever you may be, but a few have brick n' mortar stores too for locals!! ENJOY!!

You pretty much just can't go wrong for most of my friends (and myself) with gift cards! I know they aren't always the funnest thing to GIVE, but sometimes it's just easier to let others (such as my brothers or cousins) pick out exactly what would suit them. Some things on my wish list.....

For me....West Elm has basic rugs, sheets and throw pillows that match the decor of our house. And the canvas storage boxes (above) in brown would match every room in the house!!
Anthropologie is just heaven to me...any and everything in there makes me wish I were in a different income bracket! David joked that he should just buy me one gift this year and it would be a big fat gift card to Anthro... I'll keep dreaming!! All of the items above are amazing and I think any girl would love them!
Target mittens (above)
Target covertible mittens like above are great every winter as well as tights in every color imaginable...I've been looking for some mustard ones like this (below), I bet Target's got 'em! Also,Target cards are great for those times when you go in thinking you just need toothpaste, and before you know it you've loaded your cart with shirts, dresses, tights, some laundry detergent, milk and end up forgetting the toothpaste you came in for!!! That's when it makes you so happy to look in your wallet and find that gift card you forgot about!!

Michael's has that great Martha Stewart craft section where pretty much everything is awesome...it all makes me happy...even if you already have something of her's, to get it again is great because that way you won't feel bad for using it- you've got more!! I realized the other day that I don't have an embossing gun or powders that always look so neat when others use them.

Martha Stewart petals edge punch, Martha Stewart screw punch , Martha Stewart Strawberries, Martha Stewart Craft Storage Box, Martha Round Floral Tags the list could go on and on!!

The two pictures above are from commercial magazines (I think), they've been in my folder for awhile...but I saved them as examples of how I would like some random letters and/or numbers to hang on a wall...I'm thinking for upstairs? I've seen them on ebay and etsy (my usual haunts) and have even been able to find them in junk stores here in Nashville...but haven't known what I would do with them before...until now!!

(picture above: west elm)

Another new and random thing I'm into are bell jars or they are also called cloches. Traditionally they are used for plants, but I have so many little trinkets that would be great to make a little vignette inside and protect them from the kitties getting into them!! These can be found locally at Pottery Barn, West Elm or Pier 1, so I've heard.

I've never been to Fishs Eddy in all of my visits to NYC...but I am in love with half of their inventory....any and all of these would make me over the moon, but even better is that they have free shipping on orders $50 or more right now!!
Fishs Eddy (above) 1. memo ruler paper tray, 2. mini hand small $3.95, 3. Guest Check Tray $7.95 , 4. Woodgrain Squirrel Platter 8" $5.98 , 5. Memo Graph Paper Tray $24.95
I LOVE the memo line that they carry complete with 8.5" x 11" ruled or graph paper serving trays! They are the most expensive thing at $24.95/ea. The glasses pictured below are $5.00/each!!

These little glasses make me so happy with the woodgrain and acorn! Just when you think you are over anything woodgrain, you see these! And they are on sale at $2.50/ea!

I'm such a collector- vintage dishes, maps, globes, typewriters, vintage desks, chairs, fabric...but my most current obsession is with these glove molds. I want to find three to four and make a little display above the TV, or maybe switch out the stuff on the mantle. I've found a few on etsy and ebay too. This picture (above) is from Julia Rothman..which I'd love that wallpaper (or any wallpaper) that she designed too!!

(above and below) via bluebellbazaar.etsy.com

2009 Calendar
I love this 2009 Calendar from Linda & Harriett, of course the aqua scales of July is my favorite graphic...I'd have to leave it on that year round!I love these Birds On a Wire Clothespins (above) even though they come from overseas and wouldn't make it here for me to give as gifts!

Hope something on the list gave you a little inspiration of what to buy a crafty lady of your own!!

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Panda Parables said...

hey...you got me those martha stewart strawberries for my birthday 2 years ago!
there's also the martha craft stuff at wal mart - it's a little cheaper than the michael's stuff.

love all your picks!

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