Fall TV Season Premieres!

I'm pretty excited about the upcoming week in television, is that sad to say? haha But really, I'm going to be making my DVR work overtime this week taping all the fall season premiers!

First up is Mad Men on Sunday, August 16th on AMC!

I can't wait to watch all the drama unfold and of course, to see all that glorious mid-century modern furniture!!!!! I'm sure I annoy David at least twice an episode by saying, "OH! I have that chair!" or "I WANT THAT COUCH!!!!!!"...yeah, he's gotta be annoyed..haha.

Top Chef returns to BRAVO on August 19th, this time with siblings competing amongst the other contestants...this should be interesting!! It is in it's 6th season, and I had a hard time finding a trailer for it, so if you want to look into it- check out the Bravo site.

Next up on my dream TV week is the mush anticipated return of Project Runway on August 20th...I was seriously thinking it would never return and I can't wait to see what Lifetime Channel will do differently than Bravo. I'm a littttttle worried by watching the preview below, it already has that Lifetime spin on it...it tells the designer's background (being sure to pull out that life on the wrong side of the tracks interest) and has some Lifetime-esque background music...I guess only time will tell...Watch a preview of it here:

And last, but not least....The Rachel Zoe Project....it's bananas! I know better than to ever let David see me watching this show...he'd make so much fun of me...but it is such a guilty pleasure...if you haven't seen it, you've only missed one season...and to sum it up...it's ridiculous reality tv and the life of a celebrity stylist...she's says ridiculous things like "bananas" and "I. die. " enough said...I die.

While searching for a clip of the Zoe team to share with you, I came across this spoof and it made me laugh so loud...they replaced the terms like "I die" and "Shut it down", with phrases like, "This vintage cowboy shirt gives me hemorrhoids" and "This blouse just gave me a goiter" as if these were really really great things...you'll only laugh if you've seen the show. I promise you'll think I'm an idiot if you haven't. The Rachel Zoe Project premiers August 25th.

Wrap up:
August 16th- Mad Men
August 19th - Top Chef
August 20th - Project Runway
August 25th - Rachel Zoe

So, yes...if I thought I didn't have any time before...there will be none now! It looks like I've got the week covered: Vintage Drama, Fashion Drama, Food Drama...yeah, I think I've got it covered!

If you need to find me, come check out my living room- I'll be the one on the couch!

P.S. posted this via my email!!! I'm baaaaaaaack!!!!


Taider Totes said...

I completely can't wait for Mad Men and Project Runway. So excited!

theblondemule said...

OMG, that Rachel Zoe spoof is priceless!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Tom has yet to watch any episodes of Mad Men (did not have the time between school + work to watch seasons 1 & 2 with me this summer) but I'm sure he would be just as annoyed. Though I think he might get more annoyed with the sighing over Jon Hamm.
The set designer was interviewed on All Things Considered yesterday- very interesting, but it sounds stressful with the 5-day time constraint from getting the script to 1st day of shooting + her frantically searching through prop rental warehouses, shopping, reupholstering, getting curtains made, etc.

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