Sunny Day Real Estate is back!!?

Last night, I had a dream that involved Sunny Day Real Estate...it was very vivid and involved me walking through downtown (presumeably to go to work?) but all the while the song "Seven" was playing. I admit, I was a pretty big fan of the band my Senior year of high school and thinking back on the song now it makes me laugh becuase it's pretty rockin' compared to stuff I listen to now- but then again, I guess all or most of the music of that time was. I figure that my liking it had something to do with my half-pipe building skater(ish) boyfriend at the time. I also remember when Jeremy Enigk came out with "Return of the Frog Prince", I thought it was the greatest thing ever and was less heavy and probably the beginning of "emo" genre. That was much more (and still is) my vibe.

Anyway, back to the dream...so, I'm walking through downtown rocking out to this song, not much else to report on, but the song playing is the reason for this post...so, I wake up around 1:30 AM and turn the TV off (in real life, not the dream) song still stuck in my head, and I think it's odd that I'm singing a song that I dreamt about and even more odd that I dreamt about a song I haven't heard in easily 7 or 8 years.

This morning, (song still in head) I decide to look it up so I can hear it in its entirety and possibly get it out of my head- I go to youtube because everything else is blocked at work....and I see the second listing is one for Sunny Day Real Estate on Jimmy Fallon last night-- finally, it all adds up! It all comes together!!!

The TV was on when I fell asleep around 12:30, and without my knowledge Sunny Day just so happened to be the musical guest on Fallon. The song seeped into my dream from hearing it on the TV! Isn't that so weird how that works? You can be asleep and the phone is ringing in the next room, and somehow in your dream...a phone is ringing! Crazy stuff!

Well, here it is in case you were living under the rock that I was and didn't realize they got back together...and true to form, they are playing a show in Atlanta this weekend which I'm late to finding out about and can't go...oh well....maybe I'll catch them in another 10 years.

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