Roxy on The City

So, if you don't watch much tv this won't be of interest to you...But I found an odd connection between two shows that I watch and thought it worth sharing...I noticed that Roxy (the new roommate and childhood friend of Whitney) on The City (airing tonight on MTV) has been a reoccuring character on Brothers and Sisters lately and thought it really weird that she was an "actress" AND on a "reality show"....so as i was watching Brothers & Sisters last night, i noticed the credits listed Ken Olin as the executive producer and an actor on the show and saw the name Roxy Olin as an actor...i thought, "Oh!!! That's got to be Roxy...and she got the job b/c her dad is the producer!!!" So i looked online today to see which character he was and if i was correct... and it turns out that Ken Olin is in fact her dad in real life...and is an actor on the show who plays a character married to her real life mom, Patricia Wettig.

So not only was her dad the executive producer and cast himself on the show, he also cast his wife, and now his daughter..and come to find out his son is a writer there as well! Ken Olin has been either a producer or director on several shows that I've loved in the past such as Felicity, Alias and Freaks and Geeks...and both he and his wife Patricia, were also on thirtysomething (a show that I would like to watch again now that I'm actually thirtysomething.) together, but oddly enough their characters were'nt married on that show.

I don't really know what any of this means or who cares, but it was just really weird to me that annoying Roxy on The City ends up on sappy Brothers and Sisters (a show that I watch for my weekly crying release)...do with it whatever you would like!
Oh, and P.S. I've been a little MIA...we went to San Francisco for our three year wedding anniversary (I promise I'll post pics one day!) and since then life has been a little topsy turvy to say the least. I'll be back soon...PROMISE!! ;-)

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