Hi everyone!  Just wanted to give you a little update on the kitchen renovation and say that I think after today, I'm going to hold off on sharing more photos until we are finished!!  Sorry to disappoint, haha...I know you all are just holding your breath daily waiting for new photos...but I thought it might make it a little more exciting to have a big reveal at the end.  We are soooo close to being finished!!

As I shared the other day, here is my revised mock up in photoshop- I just like to look at it because it doesn't have that ugly purple stripe of drywall going around the room and gives me such a nice happy and calm feeling with the grey, minty green and white.  We plan on accessorizing with aqua and yelllow as we did in the last verison of the kitchen - I'll call this version 3.0 haha

 I'm pretty sure David and I are borderline insane - we went to special order our new laminate which is a re-issue of the Formica patterns that were used in the 1960s - and it was going to cost us a lot of money.  We said, nope...not gonna do it.  We wanted the front of the countertop to have a squared edge for when we add stainless steel , which turns out is also special order, and we wanted no backsplash on the back so that the white subways could come all the way down, and yep...that was special order too...and then there was the lazy susan in the corner that has given us a few headaches already, he was going to require some extra ordering and care as well...so, that all added up to...DIY!!!  We can do it ourselves we said!  How hard can it be!?  Luckily, I had the bright idea that instead of cutting all the wood ourselves, we would take all of our measurements over to Lowes (we prefer them over the Depot) and let them cut it for us on their giant saw in the back.  It only cost us $1.25 extra for those extra cuts and I can't even imagine how much wood David and I would have had to scrap because we cut it a little bit too short.  Sometimes DIY needs help from the pro's...can we still call that DIY?  I'm gonna say yes.

New rug should come today!!!  Can't wait to share it with you!!

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