The new squirrelpearl vintage etsy shop is now open!

 I've only been able to get four items photographed and listed since we had a kitchen demolition day yesterday, but the new shop is up and open and we've even had our first sale!!  Whoo hoo!  I thought I'd share a few photos of the new items as well as the progress of the demolition below.  I'm going to continue listing items all day, so save the shop to your favorites and check back often!  If you've ever seen our basement or the amount of vintage items in our house, you know we've got a stockpile somewhere- and we've finally reached the point that we are ready to purge (share!).

(industrial desk tray - SOLD)

 Regarding the demolition:  

Our new (to us) vintage 1950s Youngstown metal cabinets are supposed to be delivered tomorrow from getting their nice new glossy powder coat of paint.  We are beyond excited and hope to have the hardwoods in the kitchen stained and ready in time, here's to crossing our fingers!

Our kitchen when we moved in, May 2005
Above:  note the faux green marble laminate, brass knobs, the wall, and yellow paint.

LATER 2007:
Our kitchen after we knocked out half a wall, installed backsplash tile, new counter tops, new hardware, stainless steel bar top, painted the walls and added a new sink and faucet (but note, we still kept the crappy mdf cabinets and even crappier cheap floor tile that is cracked in some places.) 



TODAY 2010:
Our kitchen today, with cabinets ripped out (and being reused in the basement for storage) and  floor tile removed to reveal hardwoods underneath.  Today we will remove the 1" square glass tiles on the wall and will begin sanding the floor to stain it tonight or tomorrow.  We'll be replacing the wall backsplash tile with white subway tiles, classic and can always go with the many changes we will throw at it!!
Our cabinets get delivered Monday, so we'll see how fast we can move.  And yes, we know we're crazy to tear up a perfectly good kitchen...but what's the point in owning a home if you can't do exactly what you want to it?!

Wish us luck!!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what you do:) WIll you be leaving the tile on? I hope so. Will you be sharing more about all your great vintage treasures??

Carolyn said...

The tile will hopefully be gone by tomorrow! We want white subway tiles, they are classic and will go with any paint color that I decide on a whim to re-paint! haha

Yes, I will be sharing more about our vintage treasures as I have more time to list them in our etsy shop...unless you were speaking of something specific- just let me know and I'll share on that too! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love subway tile!! I can't wait to see the kitchen as you work on it. I will check your etsy shop for vintage treasures. I would love to know where yoou find your great cathrine holm? Elma

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