Shaking things up

It's been awhile since I went and did something crazy like create a new banner for the old blog, I thought it was time!  Hope you like it, it sure makes me happy!!!

My next step is going to figure out how to make my domain name actually point to my blog, or vice versa.....whatever it is, I'm going to try to figure it out.  *Fingers crossed*

P.S. I also have a music post in the works!! Whoo hoo, happy times!!


Dusty Brown said...

Hey lady! All you have to do is log into your domain hosting company's control panel or admin area using the id they gave you when you bought your domain. You should have an option to manage your domains. Then there should be an area for domain pointing. You can make the change there where you'll enter this blog address as the destination. Voila! Easy peasy!

Dusty Brown said...

Forgot to also say that you can create a like button on FB for your SquirrelPearl page and copy the html into an html page element here and it will link to your FB!

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