Fair Weather Dresser

I've been a bit of a bad girl lately in the shopping arena.  Really, I haven't purchased that much and what I have purchased almost always has to be on sale (and preferably has free shipping) before I'll click the 'add to cart' button (yes, I hear you.... I , in fact, am a cheapo).  

It's just that with the weather changing and the switching out of summer to fall/winter clothes, I can't help but see gaps in my wardrobe.  There are a few sweaters and corduroys and suede boots that I'd forgotten about, while locked away in their moth-free bins....but really, what excites me the most are wool skirts, sweaters and sweater tights!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I would say you could break my winter wear into two categories this year, printed dresses paired with either my leather jacket, army jacket, or a sweater cardigan with tights and boots -OR- chunky southwestern sweaters with leggings and clogs. Back in September, I purchased a black leather motorcycle jacket and have been enjoying wearing it with all of my summery floral dresses, similar to the look below found via Refinery29, shown with a brown leather jacket- but you get the point.  It makes me feel tough and flirty at the same time.

I also found this outfit above, from Madewell, to be a good example of a flirty dress with tights and boots.


A great example of a vintage Navajo sweater with leggings and clogs, found here, from American Archive on ebay:
(Of course, I won't be wearing a beret)

(Tip: If you are looking for your own vintage cardigans on ebay or etsy, try the search terms: "Native American", "Navajo", "Southwest", "Aztec", "Ethnic", "70s" and "Hippie" - also try not only "cardigan", but "sweater" too.)

(I currently am bidding on this horse one and if I don't win I will cry, and yes, I will wear pants with it.)

I thought I would throw in a modern, solid colored cardigan for good measure!


This week, I found my way to ASOS.com, the UK's largest independent online fashion and beauty
retailer, now available to those of us in the US.  According to their webiste, ASOS is aimed primarily at fashion forward 16-34 year olds, so I'm squeaking right in there in the under 34 bracket -- don't know about the fashion forward part though. I digress, I am in love with the styling of their tights and can't wait for the weather to be cool enough to rock these looks with my own dresses or skirts with knee socks/tights and boots.  To make it even better, ASOS offers free shipping both ways on all US orders!!

Chelsea Crew Savoy Gray Wedge Ankle Boot from Lulu's


Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

Word up! Love your fashion entry. Those sweaters are to die for. I went to that girl's shop (with the horse sweater) and I love all that garb, though I'm doubting that it's all vintage.

The ten million dollar question: Did you get the horse sweater?


Carolyn said...

Hi Ellen!!!

I did indeed win the horse sweater, although it hasn't arrived yet, and that is perplexing me! I just may post photos of it when it comes...maybe.

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