Pet bed DIY

I came across twelve posts that I never published, that were sitting in my blogger dashboard as drafts...I thought a few were worth sharing...This one is from Aug 2009.


I've seen images online of vintage suitcases being repurposed into pet beds and thought my pets might like a spruced up bed.  I have multiple old suitcases that I use for extra storage and stack them for decoration while not being used for travel.  I figured I could spare one and have a cute pet bed to boot...boy was I wrong. haha

Gertie looks so depressed here, she must know this bed is not for her.

Here, you see Pixie sitting in the suitcase- notice it's still just a suitcase, no DIY has taken place yet.

After removing the back half of the suitcase, I found a striped vintage sheet that I had squirrelled away because I loved the color combo, I measured the suitcase and sewed a pillow to go inside the bed.

Notice the bed is empty and one cat, Buddy, is lurking in the background on the couch....and the other cat, Pixie?  Where might she be found??


Oh, just sitting inside all of the discards of the new pet bed.

Neither cat wants anything to do with the new bed, they are only interested in the trash half of the suitcase and the remaining stuffing and sheets that weren't used for the project.  Yep, that's how my pets roll.

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