today, i likey

I was reading an interview with Katie Evans on www.goodthingyourehere.com when I noticed the background of one of the photos, I see large Polaroid style frames on her wall...again, why the heck didn't I think of this!?  I love it!

I did a quick search, and found this peel and stick style, that comes with fake tape and push pins and fit an 8" x 10" size photo.  Pretty neat...close enough?

I'm not keen on the idea of writing on them as they did in the product photos below, (or actually using the fake push pins or tape!) but I think if I left them blank, it would satisfy my need....just maybe.

If you've seen others elsewhere on the web, let me know!

Oh, and also...funny web world that it is, Katie designs for Kate Spade and just so happens to put the design of this iPhone case I was in love with last month, under her belt.

Katie, can you make one for iPhone 4 por favor? Thanks!


katieae said...

hi carolyn!
thanks for your sweet comments! i wanted to let you know there are new iphone 4 cases online and in store. There are more options in the store though - like a roatery phone graphic on a red or yellow case! they're so cute.

i bought the new jenny bowers one yesterday!



Carolyn said...

Ha, welcome Katie!! Can you give us any insight to the Polaroid style frames? Did you buy them or are they DIY?

And, that case is awesome!! I bought a pink otterbox style case from Amazon, not near as cute, but I think I could drop it from the rooftop and it would survive!

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