First Aid

I have been on a First Aid kick lately, both the band and the medical kits.  I have a few vintage first aid or medical items and love the similar look of Swiss flag, so I thought I'd share some of my recent finds.

This summer, I went around the house painting plus signs on anything and everything that needed adornment.  Above is our guest bathroom medicine cabinet, where I've grouped both DIY First Aid inspired art, as well as vintage medical parephenilia such as glass supply canisters, a brown glass prescription bottle, and a vintage science beaker (it's hard to see in the photo).

So, why don't you go ahead and put those ear buds/headphones on and listen to some tunes from the band First Aid Kit whilst you peruse the First Aid medical items below?

Listen here and here, ENJOY!

Swiss Reproduction Wool Blanket $17.79!!

Vintage Wood WW2 Civil Defense First Aid Kit via ebay
I thought the above wood box would also make a great travel box for some of your favorite LPs, but it only measures 10" x 10"- so maybe some 7" or magazines?!!  Auction is currently at $18 and ends in 2 days!!

The wood boxes are my favorite and can be used to store anything in your house, and the slimmer, metal ones would be great for keeping all of your paint brushes, knitting needles, or  sewing supplies all in one place- but could be left sitting out as decoration when not in use.

These First Aid Textbooks look great at decoration too!

American Red Cross First Aid Textbook via etsy

Vintage Red Cross Manual via etsy

British Red Cross First Aid Manual via etsy

These medical supply jars are still totally functional today, or at least they are in my house!

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