Oh. My.

I was attempting to catch up on my stories blogs in Google Reader, when I saw this beauty on JennSki's blog from the new etsy shop ReStyle:

Photo by ReStyle

Photo by ReStyle

Photo by ReStyle

My jaw dropped...and then I clicked on through to this one:

Photo by ReStyle
Do you hear the angels singing?????

At this point, I promptly put the above poster in my etsy shopping cart to become my very own. 
 I. am. freaking.  
It will look so great in our kitchen!! I love CathrineHolm bowls!!  Eeep!!  Love.

But there's a down side, after the great kitchen renovation of 2010, we really didn't leave ourselves much room for hanging large prints- no bueno.

Notice there is very little wall space, but I'm determined to make this print work.  Do you think it would look weird in a room other than a kitchen?  I guess I could always put it in my newly renovated *studio* a.k.a. the basement.

The only wall space in the kitchen or dining room that could accommodate this size print is below, where the antlers are hanging, leading into the horse hallway:

Side note:  I thought I recognized the space in the product photos above, and sure enough (as my Maw Maw likes to say) it was one of my very favorite flickr photos that inspired my yellow couch!!  The home of Czech designer, Jan Skacelik, isn't his living room amazing!!?

And also check out JennSki's blog and shop while you are at it! 


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Oh My is right! I jumped over to the shop + then had to remind myself of the drawer full of prints we sill have to frame + had...to...resist.

Studio 8 Design said...

You could hang it above the short bookcase beside the kitchen. But you'll have to to relocate the deer. It looks like he takes up less wall space though, so he may be easier to place than a large print.


Carolyn said...

Welcome Wendy!
Great idea, I like putting the print where the giant deer head is, but I think the deer measures almost 36" tall b/c of his antlers. I think I'll look into that tonight and see if it could work. The print also comes in a smaller, A3 size, that I may have to just do that instead.

Studio 8 Design said...

Well, maybe you could hang the deer over the TV, and tell people that he helps with the reception - like old rabbit ear antenna ;)
Then you could relocate the clock centered above the art pieces above the sofa. You've got height there, so I think you could pull that off.

PS - Who resurfaced your cabinets in Nashville? My cousin wants to have hers done as well.

Ellen Barnes said...

Love your kitchen, lady!!!

Carolyn said...

Thanks Ellen! You need to come visit it and me!!

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