Things to come...

Well pals, for a good five months I feel like I've been hiding underground while quietly working away on a new creative venture.  I guess I literally have been hiding underground, because my work space is in our home basement! (Insert laughter)

Working on new sketches in my basement "studio".
In my previous life (actually just 10 years ago) I made jewelry for a living, my only living.  Mind you, it wasn't high class jewelry- it was much more of a "craft", but it worked...and it paid the bills!  I toured the region attending craft shows on the weekends, spent my workdays alone in my then rented basement, listening to music while filling wholesale orders.  And, with the exception of having no spending money....I was a happy camper.  However, at the ripe age of 25, I wanted to have fun with my friends and grew tired of boutiques ordering by number from a catalog, it had lost the creativity of it all and had turned into a J-O-B.  So, when I met a certain boy (ahem, now my husband) my attention was pulled away from the basement sweatshop, and I hung up my needle nose pliers for good.  But!  They have re-emerged...and it feels great to flex my creative muscles again!

2011 color palette

I've had different creative outlets from time-to-time, perhaps I created your wedding invitations, or maybe you purchased a mixed media collage or digital illustration print from my etsy shop.  But I think this is the first time that I've sat back and really thought about what I want to create, what feels right.  Typically, I just fall into my creative ventures, or in the past, I've been on hard times economically and needed something to pay the bills until a real paycheck came my way again.  This time, I've thought about what materials I enjoy most (wood, print making, textiles, metals), and how can I incorporate them all into one item (artwork vs jewelry, etc.).  I've basically just let the materials be my guide, thrown out the idea that I was putting together a "collection" and that it all needed to be cohesive (at least at first), or that it needed to be profitable--- I just need to be creative for creativity sake.

On the flip side of the coin, it's a hard thing having had a small taste of creative success in my past, granted it was very very small scale- local success (don't worry, I'm not too big for my britches!) but I do worry, "What if that was my time?" "What if that was my one chance, and I blew it?"  But, that's when I have to remember WHY I create in the first place.  I don't create for success, I create because I have something in me that just wants to use my hands and my own unique ideas.  There is just nothing like making something yourself and being able to step back and see the finished product that you made WITH YOUR OWN TWO HANDS!  The funny thing to me is that last go 'round, I didn't have etsy or Renegade Craft Fairs, I had hard work and guts, and the support of my family!  It takes a lot of guts to do a cold call or walk into a retail store and ask to show someone your pride and joy, your creativity...and hope that they don't laugh in your face.  But, I think I'm ready to give it another shot- this time with the help of the internet!! hahah  (Man, I sound old.)

I used supplies from my old jewelry venture as the starting point to come up with something modern.

So, I took some old supplies I had from many moons ago and got to playing around.  I then invested in some quality tools:

A drill press, which makes me feel kinda butch, but also pretty awesome!

Hand dyed cotton- yummy!

Along with some fancy (and scary) new saws and sanders from my parents for Christmas.

More wood shapes in my flickr

I've also played around with the jeweler's saw and brass sheets, along with vintage brass findings and stone:

Dyed and natural cotton with chain.

Faceted ebony wood with dyed cotton and turquoise.

Exotic woods and gold leafing, hand dying and dip-dying rope and leather...it's pretty much been awesome craft time during any free time I have.  So, if you haven't seen me out (or online) for awhile, I've just been laying low and this is where I've been hiding!

Gold leaf detail.

So, yeah...this is a sampling of things to come!  I would love to hear your comments and opinions, or if you think I should lean one direction or another.  My goal is to start to narrow it down and hone in on the "good stuff"...then put together a price list and start applying to craft shows and seek out retailers.  First, I'll need to come up with a price point and also decide on a name....I'm ready to say adiós to the ol' squirrelpearl moniker!  Ideas are welcome!!


jessie said...

This looks awesome! I'm excited for you--and excited to see more!

agnes said...

looks awesome carolyn! i can't get enough a) geometric shapes and b) neon paired with neutrals right now, so i'm really feelin the painted wood pieces. i look forward to helping you spread this mojo out here on the west coast :)

Carolyn said...

Oh thanks so much for the awesome feedback, guys!!

Agnes, I can't get enough of the neon colors either!!! I might just take you up on that mojo spreading when the time comes!!


Cindy said...

You are your mother's daughter! So creative!! I love seeing what you've come up with, keep up the great work:)ou

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I love the milti-colored wood pieces, like in the first photo.

Did you take classes from Klaus in college?

Libby said...

I love it all! Really like the brass pieces & the ebony wood. I might have to have some of these! Good for you Carolyn for getting back on the horse!

Carolyn said...

Cindy- Thanks for the compliment!

Shona- I didn't take very many art classes in college, however, I so wish that I had! I just didn't really know that I liked making things until my last semester, and by that time I just wanted to get a degree and get out!

Libby- Thanks for the love!! I want to have some kind of "party" or more like a launch I guess, I'll keep you posted!

ModFruGal said...

Congrats! That's very exciting..I'm envious of your new toys too...love the ebony facet pieces!!

hezza said...

these are amazing!
I want to take you over to meet the girls at OMG in Riverside. They are going to want to buy some pieces.
And look! you know my sweet friend Shona. love it.

Carolyn said...

Ha heather, I already have talked to Ashley, but she hasn't seen anything beyond what I wear in the store!
You'll laugh, I also know Carrie K. and took hoop classes!!

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