custom wedding invites....


I had my first "cold call" design job this week! I guess you wouldn't really call it "cold" because she was a very warm girl, but I just mean that this will be my first paid gig that isn't for someone that I know! What started out as screenprinting the wedding invites, has now led to me designing the save the dates and screenprinting them! Which is great, because I love to do the front end part and designing it...and I welcome all the practice I can get...especially paid!
Everything is going along just fine, so I thought I would post pics of where I am thus far and see what you might think. I'm having issues finding a font for the names on the front side. Under the banner will be the same scroll type ship image that I screen (gocco) on my tea towels. I'm not sure if it will be in red or navy, they are using both colors. The client saw the tea towels at the art gallery here in East Nashville, and got my number from them. They are having a nautical themed wedding (so awesome!), so the ship image should fit in perfectly! I think once I get the ship image in there, it will be complete! I'm pretty pleased with the banners on each side and overall I really like the back side. I may have to make more post cards for my etsy store in the future!! They are just so cute! Oh, and I took the last name and middle initial off for internet posting purposes, I just didn't want to post their names without them knowing...so, yeah that will be on it too.

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