call me eeyore...

you ever have just one of those days...not like the old commercials...the "not so fresh days"...but just one that you never seem to quite wake up? the weather today has been so blah....rained a bit..but mainly just overcast and grey...i hate it. somehow i managed never to turn the tv or any music on today. weird. i talked to the cat, alot. i opened the windows for him to sit in them, then i would close them when it started getting cold...all the while talking to him telling him, to go take a nap and "we'll open them back up in a little while"....scary.
so, finally at around 3 in the afternoon, i decide to try to do something productive....i made a mailing label. yep, you read it...that's it. nothing time consuming...nothign that actually needed to be done...just something. here it is:
now, i guess i should get a move on making things to go in my etsy shop...so that i can sell some things and actually get to use this little cutie!!

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Panda Parables said...

i had the windows open yesterday too. because it was totally 65 degrees in the morning. and then it got reallllly cold! and then i had to turn the heater on.

the labels are cute!

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