i'm back to sewing!

david is asleep (surprise, surprise)...so i have time to post one more thing! I sewed a purse this weekend!! I go through spurts with all crafts....I like to dabble in something, and then i get bored with it and move on...so, i guess i'm back to sewing this week! yipee! i welcome it!

So, i went to atlanta with kim and jessica about two months ago and we hit up ikea whilst there...I bought some great fabric...full knowing it was just going to go with my collection of really great fabrics that i don't want to waste so i don't use them fabrics. BUT!!! i proved myself wrong this time. i don't even know what prompted me to do it...but the other night while watching tv after dinner, i got out my ikea fabric and started pinning it into place trying to come up with ideas. i'm way too hard on myself and i can't just make a simple tote bag, nope...i decide that i need to make a reversible pleated purse! what the heck was i thinking?? well, it took me sticking my fingers with pins a gazillion times, and i'm pretty sure i'll never make another reversible purse...and i should've used interfacing since i'll be keeping this one becuase it's not perfect enough to sell...but here it is- lessons learned and all!
The outside is the ikea fabric, the handle is black heavy weight duck cloth, the buttons are re purposed vintage from my jar of buttons, and the inside is a vintage handkerchief type fabric. I'm not sure what it is or where i found it, but i loved the pattern and color. So, tada!!

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Kara May said...

Oh I love your purses!! So great!! I just might have to buy one!! ;)

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