wallpaper anyone??

i have a "nook" in our gigantic bedroom that is just plain blah. it has no purpose, no art on the walls, just plain nothing.... i have a vintage desk that i restored and made pretty (pretty mod), but still nothing has spoken to me telling me what else i should do with this area -- until i saw this wallpaper! i'm really bad about not decorating an area AT ALL until i know exactly what it is i want done with it...and i think this could be it! below is the space that i have in mind, see what i mean? just blah, needs lots 'o help!! i'm thinking that i would just wallpaper that one wall. is that odd? i mean, i know that papering one wall isn't odd...but it's not the focus of the room or anything...it's probably the shortest of the four main walls that make up our bedroom....so, i had this idea and just had to share it!Oh, and also wanted to show the other side of the "bedroom" that also needs much more decoration than it currently has. But, wanted to show the throw pillows that are on that sad futon...they seem to be the same color or at least in the same color family....so..yeah, that's all.

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the orange bicycle said...

whoa...you cleaned your desk!

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