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i'm behind on posting my excursion out to the country on easter to visit our families, so i'm doing it now! david and i both have relatives that live about an hour away from us, so when we visit one we try to visit them both. we started out our day going to lynnville, where my grandparents live. the population of lynnville is seriously under 5oo. Ha, ha....upon searching online, I just found that the population really was 336 people in july 2006!!! My dad grew up there, i remember once him saying his h.s. graduating class was like 30 people!! I think mine was more like 300 -- the size of his whole town. So, my point is, this is a small small place.
Ok, so david and i start our day out by going to my grandmother's for Easter Sunday lunch....david loves this meal because it involves so many veggies that he doesn't get here at our house. I ate ham on rolls- that was my meal.
So, when we are leaving we drive past a farm and as usual, i yell and make david turn around because i've spotted some barnyard creature that i want to turn around and pet. I originally squealed because i saw goats and a sheep...but before i could even finish, i saw a peacock in all it's glory!!! So, we turned around...i hop out of the car..david stays in and ignores me and my pretties....as i get out, the animals must have thought it was feeding time because they all started running my way and making all kinds of noise...the goats were bleating...the sheep was baaaaahing...because of this, the peacocks start squealing...even more peacocks start running down a hill at me along with a big tom turkey and some roosters...then i heard the most glorious sound of all...a donkey in the distance in a big pen....eeeeaaawwwwwwing along with them all...i was so giddy....i yelled for david to roll his window down and take a listen. he eventually got out of the car when he saw that the goats were letting me feed them grass from my side of the fence, because you know, it's much greener (ha ha).
So, onward to our next stop-- visiting david's dad who just so happened to also be in lynnville. he doesn't live there, but was visiting one of the other 336 residents(odd, huh?). so we headed over to this other part of the sticks to visit him. Of course, we couldn't get there without stopping for deer to cross the road in front of us, and to later take some pics of horses who seemed to be talking. Mr. Ed??

We arrive to meet david's dad, the person he is visiting with is living in a sooped up barn that's been converted to a living space....kitchen (complete with granite counter tops! haha), bedroom, bathroom, etc.. It didn't stop there, we hopped in a car and were driven up the hill to an outdoor party space that even had sleeping quarters and an outdoor shower...but not a redneck outdoor shower, this thing was awesome....and then, the craziest part of this place was after we got back in the car to continue to the top of the hill and were greeted by three giant teepee's!!!
these things had hardwood floors and queen size beds in them....i'm not a camping girl, but this could work for me!!! sorry this post has been longer than ever, it was a crazy busy day. oh...and i got to hold an easter bunny!!! whew, ok...good night!!

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theblondemule said...

This was like your dream day!

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