more more more!

I changed the stationery around a bit and put the ship at the bottom, took off the hello and colored in a border to kind of seem like water. Oh, and I changed the ship up a bit. I think I like this better...anyone else? Oh, and I took some pics of the first one paired with a kelly green envelope, they are pretty cute. As soon as I get the ship stickers printed I will be ready to add my stationery set to etsy....at least by this weekend!! I love it!

ok, i've been a busy little bugger today...i think i may actually have something new to put in my etsy shop tomorrow! the first is a little stationery set that i think is super cute (but i'm kinda inclined to think that, huh?). i think i will pair it with kelly green envelopes! the second, is pretty much the same print, just with more collage work. it is a print of a collage. hope you like!


the orange bicycle said...

i hate you.
but in the most loving way possible.

freshie (and zero) said...

I like the re-work very much. Mostly because it's blank for hello or goodbye or whatever!

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