ode to an english muffin....

i have an addiction and i need to admit it....i love english muffins!!! anyone who knows me should know this...i am an addict. (*sorry to make light of real, scary addictions)
it started innocently enough, an alternative to a fattening bagel and cream cheese...but lately, i find ways to eat them like once a day.
My favorite is a toasted muffin with slices of tomato and avocado and sometimes accompanied with pepperjack cheese (we all need our dairy!!). I toast the muffin..then put the tomato on it and toast it again so that it is all warm and mushy! add salt, pepper, and then avocado..it is bliss.
Another favorite, is to pretend it is a mini pizza...fresh basil, slices of tomato, feta, etc. It is a lunch time or dinner time treat. The wheat english muffins don't taste that different from the white once they are toasted, so you get a little bit of a healthier bite in there.
For dessert, or an afternoon treat...I toast an english muffin, and then put honey on it, so that it falls into all those "nooks and crannies"...and then put peanut butter over that. The hot muffin makes the peanut butter melt...David likes to then put sliced banana on that, but i hate nanners.

But the classic, all time great english muffin is this, what I had today:
It's so easy, I will share my secrets with you! First, I toast the muffin, no butter...nothing...just pop it in the toaster oven. While that's going, I find a large coffee mug or glass measuring cup. I spray that with non-stick spray (my mom used this trick when we were kids for making scrambled eggs in a jiffy). Then, I drop two egg whites into the coffee cup...The idea is that it will turn out the same diameter as the muffin...and I put the coffee cup in the microwave for 30 seconds, swish it around, 30 seconds, swish it around, then about 15 more...if you aren't careful, it will explode...and it's really annoying! So, then i place the egg whites, some deli honey ham and sometimes a slice of cheese (need the dairy!) on the toasted muffin, add some S&P and viola!!! Wonderful!


Panda Parables said...

i was with ya until the microwaved egg part. (and i hate bananas too)

muggins mouse said...

I LOVE the nuked-eggs. I also enjoyed them as a youngin' and we called them "blow up eggs," because often, they blew up. I like the idea of the non stick spray, however. My mom is a butter-aholic so mine are not so healthy. I must try this method!

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