New Prints in my etsy shop!

It's been quite a long time...but I FINALLY have new stuff in my etsy shop!! Whoo hoo!
The opening at The Belcourt went terrific, I actually couldn't have asked for it to have gone any greater. It was such a nice feeling, and a validation of sorts that yes, this is what I enjoy doing and I am surrounded by others who encourage it....breath of fresh air.

So...I now have prints of the artwork that is up right now at The Belcourt in my shop. Just in case anyone wished they had purchased something at the show....they can! The originals will be up until September 5th, so if there was something you had your eye on, hurry on over...they're actually moving quite fast!! Yippee! And, if you are like me...and you just want to have something new...head on over to my etsy shop and get yourself a print! And, you just may notice that the price went down a bit! So far I only have the larger works posted, but I'll have all the smaller ones up by the end of the week!

And also last but not least....I would like to extend a great great great big THANK YOU to anyone and everyone that attended the opening...it made me blush!! Mwah!

Fabric of Our Lives opening
Fabric of Our Lives opening


theblondemule said...

Hooray for art!

jessica said...

im surprised you didn't cry at the opening...overcome with all that love and collage work.

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