what a mess!

To say our house is a mess right now...is soooooo an understatement!! I had to share how bad it is now, because I'll have to get it cleaned up before David gets home!!!

Also, I wanted to share a new one that is on it's way to being completed and the progression of it as it takes shape. I have a hard time ignoring all the clutter around me and focusing on the piece that I'm working on, so as I go I take pictures and that helps me to see it framed up on the camera. I don't know if that's odd or not, but it helps me! Also, I have documentation!! I don't know why these are leaning so far to the girlie side of things...maybe it's because everything that I usually do is so cutesy and I was trying to be a little darker with these...but seems the cutesy is trying to show itself...guess I'll just go with it?
This one is made up of a thrifted picture of a rose that I gocco'd the faux cross stitch ship onto...the women in pink to the left is a copy of a Little Women book cover..the flowers to the right was fabric from a shirt that doesn't fit me any more...then some wood veneer in two colors...two cut up doilies of sorts and some wooden skeleton keys...oh and a vintage photograph of a nice lady named Olga!!

Sorry this last one is so blurry, I changed the camera to manual because I like the look better, but of course you have to mess with it more and be absolutely still...which isn't easy for me! I think this one is almost finished, just need to drill holes to stitch it and glue it all together and coat it with the wax...guess it's not really that close then...that's alot!

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