Things i'm obsessed with today... barn wood!!

Yep! Barn wood! Over at the Olive & Sinclair headquarters, machinery has been coming in left and right and as they are trying to get the "look" of it just right. We've discussed multiple wall covering ideas for the entryway....tile, burlap, fabric, wood, and then the other day...barn wood.

I don't even remember what I was searching for online (it always starts as something, then lasts 8 hrs.), but I came across this Danish wallpaper (picture above) via Apartment Therapy, that looks like bits of painted scrap barn wood!! It seems that it would be a little expensive- what with the cost of the dollar right now...but I love it and wish that they could afford to use it.

This image above is from the Conran shop-
the picture is supposed to be about the table and
chairs, but all i see is that glorious backdrop!!

The two above are by a furniture designer, which now that I'm posting it can't find his name..I'll keep looking... Piet Hein Eek a Danish designer... I love love love these...I'm thinking of how I could take the base of a vintage piece of furniture and add some colored scrap wood on top to make the tabletop....hmmmm.

And this last one is an old file I'd saved from my favorite, Martha..it's not barnwood, but it's so visually pleasing...makes me wanna get outside and start chopping up our wood pile. Instructions and details how to make your own here.

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theblondemule said...

LOVING the barn wood!

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