Not another tv show....

Yes, I have yet another show to add to my DVR list...it's a ridiculous show called Being Erica originally airing on the CBC (Canada), but for us here in the US, it's on Soap Network. Yes, I kid you not...I like a show that is on the Soap channel...oy.
I didn't mean to watch it, really. I saw it advertised a few weeks back and thought the promo interesting, but juvenile...fast forward to last night. David was working on din din and told me I could go relax or whatever (he possibly wanted me out of his hair) ;-)
I start flipping channels and instead of hitting the page up button, I hit the channel up button and without knowing it was tuning in to Being Erica. The premise is this (hold with me here, it's a little odd...) Erica is an over-educated 30-something working in a cubicle for an insurance company and finds herself getting canned and dumpped in the same day...She then has some kind of mental break down (which I can somewhat relate to). Now, this is where the show takes a strange turn, she meets a therapist named Dr. Tom who helps her go back in her past (as in TIME TRAVEL!!) for a chance to do over some things in her life she wishes she might have done differently.

So...where to begin? The time travel thing is a little weird, I mean...on LOST it makes sense but there are also smoke monsters and polar bears on an island- so anything can make sense there...on this show, I guess I'm just kinda going with it because it seems like a little innocent guilty pleasure type show... Kind of a female Quantum Leap without Scott Bakula.

Pretty much, if you've ever liked the going back in time part of the movie 13 Going on 30 and/or the way the WB's Felicity is centered around a female character and her life (funny that Jennifer Garner is in both of those...perhaps she'll make an appearance on this show! haha) then, you would like this show. Mainly, I like the title character-- I like to think that on a good day I am as silly as her...and on a bad day, I'm probably as pathetic as her. I mean, I guess that's what most people look for in a television show or movie, themselves!

I went to the CBC's site for the show and found that there had been a prequel videoblog by Erica from her cubicle prior to being fired. They are all real short but funny..I thought. I'll attach a little video from it here...if you've ever worked in this environment, you will recognize her next door cublicle mate as someone from your office.

And then a clip from the actual show....actually, while looking for a clip to share, I realized that I'm not sold on this show yet...not enough to stand behind it and defend it..or lose my street cred, yeah right. So...anyone want to join me in my new Soap Opera show? haha


theblondemule said...

Unfortunately, I don't get Soap Network, or I'd probably be right there with you. It can't be worse than the 10 year old re-runs of Gilmore Girls I'm currently watching.

carolyn said...

This show has gotten better...you would appreciate that she takes a friend to her high school reunion and makes him pose as her boyfriend...sound familiar? Except at the end of the episode her and the "boyfriend" kiss...I don't think your night ended the same did it?? haha

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