Oh little Gordon....you.

If you are a fan of Hell's Kitchen or F Word (on the BBC channel) with Gordon Ramsay, this will crack you up...the "bad" words are kinda bleeped out...but thought I would warn you they are there. Apparently, this little boy "little Gordon" is going to appear with Gordon Ramsay...these clips I found via eatmedaily.

David and I love Gordon Ramsay, but hate the way he acts on Fox's Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares - I don't understand why he even does the shows, surely he doesn't need the money...the BBC channel has several of Gordon's shows and they are awesome..the F Word is my FAVORITE!! You actually like him, you respect him even! The show is divided into segments, centered around amateur cooks preparing an entire meal under his watchful eye for a restaurant full of F Word diners who will only pay if they think the food is worth it. Each episode is a new brigade of amateurs and they are competing to be the best brigade and have the most diners pay over the course of the season. In another short segment Gordon puts his own culinary skills to the test when he goes head-to-head with celebrity guests in a recipe challenge. Diners at the F Word get to taste both dishes and select a winner. In addition to this, each season he rears his own animals for serving for Christmas dinner- the second season he raised pigs, then sheep in the third season. He raises them in his back yard at his house (!!!) and all of his little adorable children help feed and tend to them...there are a couple of other segments within the show, but I'm running late so I better go...but I seriously suggest checking out the F Word on BBC Network if you can and reading the wiki entry about the show, it tells you more!! I'll leave you with a clip of an F Word segment where the celebrity in the restaurant is Liam Gallagher...oh, and the "bad" words aren't bleeped out this time. But Gordon is as different as night and day on this show....See for yourself...Enjoy!

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