Forever 21 can finally fit us all!!

I'll make this short, as I have no time for anything but prep for the Artisan Market....but! I just saw that Forever21 is going to have a new line called Faith21 (as in, have a little faith...one day, you too can fit in our real clothes!!) which will be plus-size!

I say plus-size loosely because being a gal who can only wear F21 if it involves stretch or knit but not being over a size 12 on my worst days...I'm pretty sure I'm not plus-size...however, these clothes are going to fit me- I already know it...might as well embrace it. haha I have one dress from F21 that I love so much, but becuase I'm large in the upper region...it doesn't zip...but don't think for a minute that I haven't worn it anyway and just worn a cardigan or jacket that CAN NOT COME OFF for fear of my whole back showing!! The great thing with Forever21 is that it's so cheap...it doesn't even matter if it zips!!

Hopefully the styles will be closer to their normal clothes, these promo images are ok, but i hope there are better yet to come! Looks like they are only available in LA F21's and online starting May 1st....Thoughts?

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theblondemule said...

Hooray! I knew our day would come.

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