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While adding some new stuff to the shop today(still unfinished), I came across an etsy copy cat of epic proportions...this chic (or dude) really has some nerve. They didn't copy me, but man....they have attempted to rip off at least four different recognizable etsy sellers. They are recognizable to me, but I'm also on etsy alot, scouring it's depths for gifts, new stuff for me or just to file away in my "favorites" folder, so if they aren't recognizable to you as frauds it's ok...but anyway, on to the infringement at hand...

Now, I won't name names, but feel free to email me if you want to and I'll spill the beans. I haven't decided what (if anything) to do about it...should I email this person? should I just not care? I don't know...but it made me mad enough that I thought it worth blogging about..so here have you...

Copy cat artist work above

The biggest most recognizable copy cat piece to me was this AshleyG look alike.
I instantly thought it was cute...but something in my head was like, "I've seen this before...and not from this seller."... and then it hit me, it was almost "A gaggle of girls" by AshleyG... and yes, I actually remembered the name of the piece and searched for that to find it! haha....so I continued on, looking in their shop and item after item i recognized as a familiar item but just a little off.

Original AshleyG above

AshleyG has almost 9,000 sales where this copy cat person has like 24...so I very seriously doubt that Ashley has lifted from the other person...and I know that it's not like they are taking sales away from her...but still...the similarities go on...

Copy cat artist above

AshleyG original above

IF ONLY IT STOPPED THERE.... Miriam makes cute accessories using measuring tape that I've been a fan of for quite some time, so much so that I bought my own plastic measuring tapes to create with (but not to copy, and like I'll ever get around to making something with them anyhow!!) so when I spotted the impostor on copy cat's shop below, I was just thinking...seriously??? You copy her too?? See for yourself.

Miriam's Original brooch above which she's been selling since 2007.

Copy cat's UN-original idea above

And last but not least, is the copying of JennSki's artwork.

JennSki original above and below

I've been a fan of her's for a few years and yes, she even inspired me to create something similar to her work for my own house (which still sits unfinished in the basement, notice a pattern here?haha). But you just don't take someone else's ideas and pass them off as your own...it's not right!!

Copy cat artwork similar to JennSki

I know that this person hasn't infringed against me, and I know that painting circles and sewing a felt brooch isn't rocket science, but there is so much more than just the actual artwork that goes into trying to have a little cottage industry...there's the time and creativity of course, but there's also the time that you have to take to photograph it, to write descriptions, etc... it's just people like them that really tick me off. I've been on the receiving end of being copied and it sucks...just come up with your own ideas...and if you can't do that....then that medium isn't for you and you should move onto something you can excel at without using others creative minds for your own profit.

Ok, off my soapbox...have a pleasant day...I start my new job tomorrow...Eeeeek!!!


Anonymous said...

I think you might want to either contact the girl, just to see if she realizes what she's doing is violation a copyright, or just report her. While the others could POSSIBLY be disputed, there is no doubt that she definitely copied that first one, and that's just not fair, even if she makes no sales at all.

I don't blame you for getting angry. If anyone understands a copyright violation to its fullest, it's a fellow designer. You wait around for so long for an idea to fall into your head, and someones just rips it off?! Not cool. They ought to have to wait around, do it the old fashioned way!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. Over on Mikiye's blog, she mentioned that people have been copying her too. I'd say brasspaperclip's "signature" magnolia looks just like M's Camille and Holly. At least you know who's the imitation since one is on the wedding team and the other isn't

Katherine said...

it's interesting that the work this person has chosen to put in their shop is all so DIFFERENT. It is fairly obvious (to me, at least) that this seems to be a round up of the top selling items of some very successful etsy sellers. as we all know it takes a lot of time and a lot of work to define one's style and sensibility when it comes to artwork--something ashley g. and the others have been doing for YEARS.
i am not very tolerant of the "she's copying me!" line unless it's blatant. at this point we all have so much exposure to each other's work that it is almost impossible NOT to be influenced in some way. but--i don't see how anyone could argue that this is simply a case of being "inspired" we all work hard to define our unique style and brand, and to make our work recognizable as our own, and it's pretty lame (and arrogant!) to think you can get away with this.

Anonymous said...


thought you might want to see this

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