Oh Zooey....

I warn you...this blog posting is all about me gushing about my current girl crush, Zooey Deschanel.

Not since I was 16 and totally smitten with Drew Barrymore, has there been a female actress/singer/whatever that totally is the bees knees in my book. When I was 16 or 17, I loved Drew and put stupid butterfly stickers all over my little Toyota Camry...I knew the entire movie Mad Love line-by-line (as well as the soundtrack!!) I just pretty much loved her- well, as far as I can take that since I do like boys. My love for Drew never really died, I think I just grew up. If I see that she's going to be on Letterman or some other late night interview, you know I still watch. I think it's her personality or charisma...something that I connect with.

So, in comes Ms. Zooey Deschanel...she's just so unique and doe-eyed and has THE BEST style....and I just want to be her or at least her friend, haha. I think in the movie version of my life (becuase that would be so interesting) she would definately play me...but with brown contacts and/or glasses. haha Is that wrong to assume I'm even 1/10th as quirky and cute as her?? Oh well, I'm taking this assumption.

What prompted this particular posting is that I've had the Cotton theme song stuck in my head all day-- please tell me you like it too?? There aren't many commercials that I will stop the fast forward action on DVR for...but for this, and Zooey...and all those cute dresses...I stop everytime!! (The outfit that she's wearing in the record store is worth hitting pause for too. )

See for yourself:

What makes me laugh is that it is an awesome commercial for cotton...COTTON! Why? Does it really need to be marketed? And by Zooey?? I mean really...has anyone ever said, "Hey, have you heard about that new stuff cotton??" "No, what is it? Let's look it up on wikipedia...how do you spell it??" "I hear it's the fabric of our lives and stuff.."

Also, I looked up the song and it turns out (wait for it.....) you can download it!!! haha I listened to it all the way thru and I know what it is I like so much, it sounds like a Camera Obscura song!!! And then I found myself wondering, if I didn't know this song, or at least the chorus/tag line (thank you Aaron Neville in the early 90s), would I actually like this?? I kinda think I would.

Throughout the past year or two, she's graced the cover of several of my magazines (Nylon, Jane, Lucky, Domino, etc. and it's taken me until now and the Cotton commercial to finally admit my love....I'll share images below.

Annnnd, almost forgot to mention her adorable house as featured in the now defuct Domino magazine February 2009 issue.

One more Zooey related thing, this video of her and boyfriend/fiance' Ben Gibbard singing "Dream" which is my all time favorite song to sing in the shower...I'm a sucker for harmonies.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Right there with you, but in addition, here is the reason why she just kicks butt...I was watching this promo thing on Sundance about some big party at Barney's B.H.- eco designer bla, bla, bla launch party + She + Him played. They interviewed her + she said something to the effect the the only real eco dressing is 2nd hand/ vintage. OUCH! Way to get invited back. LOVE IT!
But seriously, name 5 Z.D. movies that don't suck.

Carolyn said...

Shona- poor Zooey, I can't name 5 good movies that she's been in...but yet, I still love her. sigh

Anonymous said...

I adore Zooey Deschanel! She's got the most wonderful, hollow voice, and she is quite quirky.

Thank you for posting that video! I love the song, and they sound great covering it.

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