Countdown to Rachel Zoe!!! It's bananas!

I've almost made it through my premiere week with a few highs and a few blehs...but here's to hoping the ridiculously over the top reality show, The Rachel Zoe Project (season premiere tonight on Bravo) is just as ridiculous as last season!! Annnnd for a little extra sneak peek into Rachel's assistant, Brad's life.....an interview with him here, thanks to theblondemule.

*(Note: Just in case the formatting is off, I'm posting this via email and won't know until I get home and can check it out...sorry to all of my 1,000's of readers. hee hee- but if it does work...I'll be so excited!!!)

Edit: Posting via your email works!!!

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Is my life off better or worse off having never heard of Rachael Zoe?

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