It's Home Renovation Time - Part III - The Deck is finished!!!

Ok, if you've been reading my blog, you know that we've been working on renovating the deck for oh....say...six months!! (See Part I and Part II).

It took a long time. We could have just got the new furniture and been done with it, but luckily I have David who likes to do everything the correct way and doesn't half way do anything...ever. We (and when I say we, I mean David) sanded, power washed, sanded again...and then I helped with priming and painting annnnnd even we installed a new roof over the table! (New chocolate brown Ondura roofing- totally waterproof underneath!!)

And just when I thought we were finished, we installed a new light! I had an old pendant light that was just hanging out in the basement for a few years, I didn't even know if it worked...but we re-wired that thing and viola!!! So, with the exception of a few tiny details and a Labor Day grill sale, it is ready for hanging out, just in time for the beautiful weather this past weekend. Come on over!!

You may have noticed that I didn't go with a tulip style table and wire mesh chairs as I dreamed of doing, but instead with this Ikea wood table.
I like it, and for the $119 price tag...it works for now and a isn't a huge investment...I'm kinda fickle that way. The added bonus was that I found a $100 ikea gift card from our wedding nearly 3 years ago! So, the table was pretty much FREE! Overall, I would say we spent around $250 on primer, paint, roofing, pots, flowers, cushions and wiring for the new light. Not bad!!

Here's a little catch-up of the process:


(David while power washing, he looks real happy about it.)

(After primer)

(After primer)


KV said...

Carolyn, this looks awesome! Where did you get the roofing material?

-Kelly V

Carolyn said...

The roofing material is called Ondura (www.ondura.com), we purchased it at Lowe's- I love it! It is several layers of fiber core and is the environmentally preferred choice for roofing by the EPA...look into it!

Panda Parables said...

looks great! when are you having me over for outdoor dinner??!

Panda Parables said...


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