April's office renovation!

(Before- during move in)

My friend April emailed asking for my opinion on wallpapering her new home office. After a few emails back and forth, we decided that wallpaper was just going to be too busy combined with her vintage paint by numbers and large red bookshelf she planned to use in the room, but I already had the bug and was up for the challenge of helping her put together a home office that she wouldn't mind spending time in! April filled me in on a few wants and needs and also that she loved the color peacock blue.....So behold, my first mood board!

(Proposed after- view 1)

(Before - view 2)

(Proposed after - view 2)

The Shopping List:

In order clockwise:

1. I would start by painting three of the walls a nice gray color such as Pebble Beach by Benjamin Moore, with the remaining wall in a peacock blue-ish shade that April requested such as Salzburg Blue also by Benjamin Moore. As you will notice in the room layouts, I wanted to show April what it would look like depending on which wall she wanted to be the feature and be painted peacock, the wall she will look at every day with her desk perched under the window (view 1) or the wall with the sofa that you see upon entering the room (view 2).

2. A pendant light such as this red one (source unknown) would look great if she decided to change the light fixture that was already there.

3. April mentioned that she works from home but needs to be aware of the time of her colleagues in three different time zones, these Retro Orange Metal 9.50" Wall Clocks from Target (or something similar) will look nice above the closet.

4. Even though there is carpet installed in the room, a round patterned rug such as this ikea one would look great in the center of the room. April mentioned that she didn't have an ikea nearby, but I'm sure she could find something online if needed.

5. The airy Kyoto Bouquet Curtain from Urban Outfitters was the basis for the color choices in the accessories. With such a light curtain over her desk, the natural light will still be able to filter in. If it is too much floral for her boyfriend to handle, she could always put the solid curtains up on the windows and cover the closet with the floral. A second option would be the Chloe Gauze Curtain - 84 Inch in sea blue for that same airiness.

6. I've always loved this Woodsman Wall Art by Ashley G. and Drew from Urban Outfitters and it fit with our look, so I decided April needed it...and it's on sale!! In room 1, we've placed in on some shelves such as ikea's lack shelves or west elm and even Target carries similar shelving. Under it, we've placed the other desk in the room for her boyfriend to use if needed. If the space feels cramped, she could always move it and place a taller vintage side table under it for more storage (and decoration).

7. Working from home, April will need a place for storage, and where better than the closet to her right!? The orange filing cabinet can be achieved by purchasing a new inexpensive filing cabinet or a previously loved one via craigslist. Simply remove the hardware, prime it and then use a spray paint created for use on metal for a custom filing cabinet. She can keep it all covered with these Mainstays Chino Panel - Set of Two, Teal 80" x 84" .

8. She'll need lamp such as this Mad desk lamp at CB2 in orange for seeing her work on dreary Denver days.

9. April was lucky and found this Trig desk from CB2 on Craigslist for a steal.

10. April was also lucky to find something similar to this red ikea bookshelf with doors on craigslist and will be using it in the room!

11. A cute homey throw pillow such as the Round Knit Star Pillow from Urban Outfitters would look nice on the couch.

12. April mentioned needing to use this room primarily as an office, but that it would be nice to have something such as the Night and Day Convertible Sofa - Toffee from Urban Outfitters for when guests (such as me!!) come to visit. Centered under the window, this couch will be great for April when she needs time away from the computer. Her vintage paint by number collection would look nice above it!

So April...hope you like my thoughts! Now get to work...we can't wait to see the after shots!!


April P. said...

Carolyn! I looooove it! I am certainly going to try to incorporate a good deal of your designs/advice. Seeing where and how you would place the paint-by-numbers was a big help.

I also hadn't considered painting just one blue. Great idea! I've been questioning if I was going to make the room too dark by painting it a deep color, especially with it being so small. I think I would go with the wall with the couch, since this is the only wall you can see from the living room view into the office.

I can't thank you enough! Please come visit and sleep on that cute pull out sofa... as soon as I buy it. :)

April P. said...

p.s. - I really appreciate you keeping costs in mind. Moving is so expensive already, the last thing I want to do is break the bank just trying to make my office cute. I will email you with updates on what I do/spend.

So far-
-desk: $80 (CB2 Trigg for $160, BUT purchased on craigslist for $80. Cute boyfriend assembled.)

-office chair: $50 (Ikea Gregor Swivel for $90, purchased from craigslist, already assembled and never used)

-bookcase: $200 (Ikea BURGSBO for $249, purchased on craigslist, already assembled, thank god cause this bitch was a beast! cute boyfriend and two pals helped him move it.

-vintage paint by numbers, $30 for a set of 8 found in a dirty box at a neighborhood antique store.

theblondemule said...

Well done, C-Bass! I love it! April, I'm expecting during & after pics.

Panda Parables said...

awesome job, carolyn! i need to 'hire' you to help me hang up pictures around the house. you have such a good eye for that.

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