Yellow Fever

For a solid two years I've been obsessed with lemon yellow/mustard yellow...kitchen items, pillows, curtains, shoes, purses, dresses, picture frames, you name it...I want it in yellow....and if it is paired with grey....all the better.

I was lucky enough to score a lemon yellow Dansk enamelware dutch oven (above) recently at a thrift store, and it reignited my yellow fever....I've been on ebay and etsy everyday for two weeks feverishly searching out CathrineHolm saucepans, enamel ladles, saucepans and more (because I really neeeeed more) Dansk....I'm sick, and I need help.  So, I decided tonight to share my internet finds here with you, mi amigos.  Have fun...and please go buy them so I don't have to!!!  David begs you! haha






Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I found a yellow enamel Dansk saucepan with a wooden handle for 1.49 at a thrift store, but your pot kicks booty! I found a chocolate brown one like yours but it was in such awful shape that I passed on it (plus it was overpriced for the condition just because it was Dansk + it was in L.A. too big to fit in my suitcase).I also found a small Catherine Holm leaf bowl for next to nothing in eBay. Basically what I'm saying is David would be happy that I'm your enamel competition.

Panda Parables said...

i have 'yellow fever' too! yellows and greens, that's all i've been interested in for the past few months. that dutch oven is incredible.

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