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As promised, here is an update on our kitchen!  I will post progress photos later (much later) tonight after the stain dries on the hardwoods, in the mean time I thought I would share with you all what has been pushing me along to see the renovation through. 

My husband is a visual person (he needs to see it) so it helps that I'm a little handy with Photoshop when needed and can create an image to share with my husband when he might not see "the vision" that I have in my mind of just how great something could be if we just ripped out a wall...and the floor...and the tile on the walls...and well, while we're at it, we should get new cabinets too...haha 

I put this together a few months ago and it is nice to see that it just might come pretty close to what I had hoped for, a nice clean vintage and modern kitchen!

This is the real life photo:

 This is the dream view if you are looking at the kitchen sink (I hope!) with the window directly above and flanked on each side with upper cabinets.  Notice the tile has been removed to reveal hardwoods, which have been stained a dark charcoal gray almost black,.  Also, the backsplash has been replaced with white subway tiles and gray grout.

Real life photo of side wall:



And this was what I had planned for the that wall in my mind's eye!  I think that the small cabinets on top in the center) ended up being full size uppers instead of the short ones with a shelf under it, but it's close enough, and I have too much work to do to think about redoing it now!  Also, you may wonder what those odd triangles are to each side, they are open half shelves that you sit llittle vintage canisters and Cathrine Holm bowls (!!!!) on!  I can't wait!  Of course, neither of these mock ups have been accessorized with all of the vintage goodness, but it gives me (and David) a good idea of what it could look like if we were to do the work.  And the work we are a doin'.  Speaking of, I better get back to it.  

Lastly, I wanted to share with you my inspiration photos that I have collected in a folder aptly named, "kitchen inspiration"!  I apologize that I don't have all of the links to credit the photos, as I tend to save things that I didn't know I would be sharing as silly titles like 'white subways, gray grout' and not the actual web site like a good girl...but nonetheless, here are a few photos.  (If you are the owner of these photos or know where they came from, please let me know!)

 (Overall kitchen inspiration.  The only thing I would like different would be for it to be white tiles instead of cream, I love the subways and wall color!)

(white subways with gray grout, perhaps a tad darker grout than we were thinking of doing)

(White subways with gray grout in a bathroom, this grout color looks spot on)

(I saved this one for color inspiration.  I love the minty green with yellow accents as we hope to do!)

(Painted hardwoods and white subways - we decided to go with black instead of white)

 (This one I saved for the dark floors and the fun vintage stuff being displayed like I hope to do.  Also, those lights are awesome!)
Well, that's all for now...I'll report back later with the demo of our wall tile...it was fun and we got to releive some stress!!

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Anonymous said...

WOw your kitchen is going to be fabulous!! I love subway tile. The pictures of the minty green and yellow just so dreamy. I can't wait to see it all done:) Hope it all goes well for you. Elma

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