Slow and steady

So, pretty much nothing has stayed on schedule with this renovation...that's putting it lightly.  We've had setback after setback, but we're rounding the corner!  Sorry for the lack of photos yesterday of the stained floors - I couldn't post them because, well, they weren't stained yet! ha ha

We wanted to remove the backsplash that we installed in 2006 (I know, not that long ago)...when we installed it, we did an awesome job of making sure it wasn't going ANYWHERE!  I attempted to pry it off the wall, but 1" tiny tiles don't come off in large sections, nope, they come off in tiny 1" sections!  So, I quickly could tell that wasn't going to work and the little bit that I did manage to get off, brought half of the drywall off with it...so back to the drawing board we went!

Finally, we figured out that we were going to have to score the drywall with a box cutter first, and then come along behind with a drywall saw...it sounds much more intimidating than it really was, I promise!

Eventually we were able to get all of the old tile and sheetrock out and replaced with new mold and moisture resistant sheetrock, perfect for installing our new subway tiles this weekend!  I'm pretty excited!!  Oh, and the new sheetrock is purple! 

Lucky for us, the new cabinets were also behind schedule on being delivered, so we didn't have to stress too much that we were so behind...just had to eat dinner out yet again...bleh.

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Anonymous said...

What a lot of work to get the tiles off. Love the purple :) Keep it up !!!

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