Kitchen runner choices

Trying to decide on a runner for the kitchen, these are all available via the Scandinavian design center and are made of a woven plastic.

I want to order one ASAP! But which one??

1) Vera Carpet Gray
2)Vera Carpet Green
3) Lisa Carpet Yellow
4) Lisa Carpet Red
5) Jon Carpet Turquoise (to me looks more like a blue/gray)
6) Ella Carpet Olive


theblondemule said...

I don't like 3 & 4. I'm torn between 1 & 2. I think... Like 5 & 6, too.

Carolyn said...

Uh oh Kim, I purchased the yellow one (#4). One of the ones you didn't like...It was my favorite and when I showed them to David, that was the first one he said he liked...so it was a no brainer. I hope you like it more in person...it will be in my kitchen soon! :-)

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