Progress Report!

Thanks to some really hard work by my two David's (David the husband, and David my dad) we made some MAJOR progress this weekend!  It's actually hard to believe we were only without water and a stove for a week and a day, and now we have new floors, new cabinets, a new sink top and new drywall in some areas.  NOTE: The purple stripe on the wall is the drywall, not a pretty painted stripe in our new kitchen.  haha

The cabinets were delivered on Thursday afternoon and we still weren't ready to load them back into the kitchen yet.  We waited until Friday evening to bring in some of the small cabinets and decided to wait until my parents could come on Saturday to help with the rest.  On Saturday, my dad and husband tackled the plumbing and ran into multiple "issues".  My mom and I were sent to the hardware store with a list - we came back thinking we would receive at least a grade of "B" considering the lack of knowledge we had on the subject...Turns out we failed...miserably!  Another trip to the hardware store and a day later, the plumbing was all up and running!

You might notice, we put the crazy huge faucet back in - it looks a little out of place, but I'll get used to it.  Also worth noting, the corner cabinet to the left of the sink knocked everything out of whack- the sink base had to be moved to the right a few inches, causing it to not be centered under the window anymore - a little annoying, but I'll live. I've never wanted curtains in the kitchen before, but I'm thinking about adding some to disguise our little balance error.

We had to totally rethink this area between the door to the deck and the two windows to the right.  We had planned for three 24" bases here, but once we set them in place, it was just too over crowded- causing us to go down to just two cabinets.  The black countertop is from our old cabinets, and it just resting on top for now until our new countertop comes in.  I'm still going back and forth on this decision, which is pushing back the order date and in turn, the delivery date.  You also may notice the baseboard is still lacking the quarter round or shoe mold trim that joins the baseboard to the floor, making it more seamless.  Still, quite a bit left to do I guess!

In the area above. we had planned on building a pantry next to the fridge and installing a small closet size door that would match the other original doors in the house...but because of the extra cabinet from the side wall, we decided to install it here instead.  We switched the fridge to be next to the basement door (as you see above, see other posts below for how it was previously), and decided that having the small upper cabinet next to the windows would give us more light.  We are going to install a new outlet and countertop as well as tile the backsplash area to make it all cohesive.  It is a little odd to me right now, having the fridge 3 feet to the right from where I'm used to it...but I'll live.

Additionally, we would like to add some type of runner or rug for the floor - I'm tempted to make one, but David doesn't sound too excited when I mention this....so we'll see!?  For now, I've brought down the area rug from our bedroom and folded it to 2.5' x 6' just to see if we would like something at our feet.  Ideally, we would like to have one 2.5' x 9' and it seems that most are made to be 2.5' x 7', so who knows where we'll end up?

We also purchased some new air registers for the kitchen, which previously had modern slimmer rectangle ones installed probably in the 80s or 90s.  We found these above at Preservation Station on 8th Ave and plan on getting them stripped and powder coated (our new favorite thing!).  My only pause is figuring out if they should be painted white or black...hmmm.

Lastly, I have to share with you that my dad is such an awesome handyman- he added a breaker to our breaker box so that the dishwasher has it's own dedicated breaker, he re-plumbed the sink which included two drains, a garbage disposal and the dishwasher.  He can do it all!!!  David (the husband, not the father) and I are good at the homework my dad gives us, there is no way we would be able to accomplish 1/4 of the things in our house that we have without the knowledge and instruction of my dad...and a few two cents thrown in by my mom here and there!   Thanks mom and dad!!!

That's all for tonight, stay tuned for more updates and hopefully soon back to normal blogging non-home related! 


KV said...

My dad is our big helper too! He's been on hiatus because of a shoulder injury, but I've got a list going of things I want him to teach us :-)

Panda Parables said...

can't wait to see it! i need to hear more about this stripping/power coating thing (namely, how much does it cost?!) - that's something i may look into for my tanker desk.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Yesterday we were planning the ideal set-up for our kitchen (to replace the 70's re-do) + I've been through building a house + renovating 2 houses with my parents, but for some reason your photos and story frightens me a little, maybe because our houses are closer in age. One day we'll do it, but right now we are waiting on the fence guy for an estimate on putting up a privacy fence on one side of the yard.

Carolyn said...

Katie - we got the powder coating done at Competition Powder Coating in Gallatin. I would recommend them a million times over!!

Shona- don't let our adventures scare you! I think it has all been pretty painless.

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