The new rug finally came!!

Yes, I say finally even though it was hardly a week.  I finally feel that we are rounding the corner on this kitchen renovation....as I took a few photos today (and carefully masked out the areas where the purple drywall was) seeing the kitchen through the tiny digital screen made me so happy- to see it in small shots, the kitchen is really beginning to be what I had envisioned!!  I said I wasn't going to show any more photos until time for the BIG REVEAL...but yeah, you know me...I can't keep christmas gifts a secret, how am I going to keep this to myself?!

So, small glimpses...the new rug...not exactly the color I thought it was going to be...but I still like it.

The new tea towel (also from Scandinavian Design Center).  
I love how European this little corner looks!

And also, while I was out playing this past weekend, I picked up a small door mat for what leads to our deck.  Dark gray with white squares...works for me, and it was less than $10..even better!

That's all of the little peeks for today!  My little dog Gertie had a tumor removed today, so I better get back to caring for her! 


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Be well Gertie.

It's 6:42 am, I'm making coffee (hence I haven't had a cup yet) and I read "less than $10." as less that .10 + thought...you really are the queen!

libbysthurman said...

Love the rug, Carolyn!! Kitchen is coming along it seems. yay!

ABel said...

I love that grey rug. We used to have one just like it until our house flooded! Do you know who the maker is? I would love to see if I could find another one!

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