New light in the kitchen!!

Sorry that I've been a little tardy with the renovation updates!  We've had a little real life get in the way, but I'm happy to say there have been some new developments....we have something under way for ourselves both professionally and personally, and we hope to be looking toward the future from here on out!!

So, now to the title up above- we installed a new light in the kitchen!!  whoo hoo!  It really does help to mention to your pals when you are on the hunt for a particular item, it turned out our friend Teresa had just what we were looking for stashed away in her basement!  I'm talking, EXACTLY what I had envisioned!!!  I think it looks right at home, thanks Teresa!!

Also, I have to apologize for the really crappy photos.  Our camera was dropped a few weeks ago and doesn't focus properly now....guess we'll be purchasing a new one in the very near future.  The odd thing is that it still zooms and we can use the macro function just fine...as seen below.

We have really been enjoying the weather and the deck at casa de Sellers....I was pretty excited to get to plant our herbs for this summer, it really makes such a difference in our meals and sure does beat buying the pricey stuff at the grocery. This year we added dill to the arsenal too, yummmm!!

I am in the process of helping my grandmother incorporate fresh herbs into her diet, as she has been banned from all sodium.  I've spent the past couple of days reading Cooking Without A Grain of Salt, and have really had my eyes opened....who knew there was 126mg of sodium in an 8 oz. glass of milk???  Crazy. 

I'm not a nutritionist (but I play one on TV), and anyone who knows me well, knows I'm quite the picky eater- but I think I've done a pretty well job of putting together a few new dishes for her that she will actually enjoy eating and after tomorrow's ""Cooking with Carolyn" segment, (haha) she'll know how to prepare them too!  I'll report back and maybe even share a recipe with you!

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libbysthurman said...

Kitchen is looking great, Carolyn! Can't wait to hear what you guys have up your sleeves! I am intrigued...

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