Kinda freaking out today

Today, David and I are driving to Fayetteville,TN to shop at the infamous Sir's Fabric Warehouse....I'm kinda nervous as it is an hour and a half away and when we arrive we will have approximately one hour before they close.  The part that makes me freak out is the on the spot decision making skills that are required for this journey...and I desperately am lacking!!

We have been searching high and low for fabric for our new mid-century modern furniture set as I posted previously.  While we did not pay much for the furniture (I promise, the full story to come soon!!), we are paying a pretty penny for labor + fabric.  We have found a near perfect match to the original fabric, but at $30 a yard, it adds up fast.  For example, the couch requires 12.5 yards, the arm chairs 3.5 - 4 yards and the two tall armless chairs 3 yards each = grand total of 25.5 yards of fabric.  If you multiply that by $30 a yard....we're talking over $750 JUST FOR FABRIC!!!

Oy vey.

 (Orla Kiely above for Heal's UK)

(Photo by oliveandjoy)

So, as I truly hope that we find just what we are looking for....I don't even know what that is yet. I have an idea, but I just don't know what we will find!! There will be no checking out of fabric books or bringing home swatches to compare against our paint and in our dimmly lit living room...oh no, we will have to look at each other...make a decision...pay...and leave.  YIKES!!!!

(Photo by lushpad)

I've included a few pieces of inspiration that I've found here and there.  They aren't the same exact style as what we are having done...but they are similar:  Mid-Century, upholstered, wood legs, etc.
 These are the same as our pieces below, just not in colors I would choose:

(This is our exact couch above that I found somewhere online that I can not locate now)

While I'm not a fan of the blue color above, I do like the two tufted pillows along the back.  Ours had three smaller tufted pillows along that same space, with small rectangular pillows at the arm rest instead of those round bolsters above. 

(This is also a Pearsall chair, similar to our high back arm chair, but with less wood on the arms)

 (Very similar to our shorter chair but with less wood on the arms as well ) 

And of course, I still have a million extra chairs in the basement that I'm thinking of throwing in the mix so that it's not all matchy matchy. 

Final thoughts:  I would love to do a pattern...but I know that we would get sick of that so fast.  So I'm thinking of doing some pattern in pillows and thankfully I still really like the current curtains we have, so there is more pattern there.  I really love the mustard color for the couch, but what to do for the chairs?  Grey is my second choice...but for both? 



Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I have not been in a few years, but Sir's is a whole lotta fun.

I do recall having the chair collection in the basement discussion with you once at the old G.O.

Cristina Martins said...

I just found your blog and I really love it!
These furniture pieces are amazing and, although I know you can get crazy having to choose and not willing to spend hundreds of dollars, I'm sure you'll find the perfect fabric for them!
You are doing a great job!

Carolyn said...

Welcome, Cristina!!

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