Fabric swatches galore!

I'm sure some of you may think that David and I never seem to sit still - you, my friends...are correct!  I don't know what it is, but I always love a project- and what better project than your first home??  As mentioned in my previous post, we recently acquired some new (to us) living room furniture that was the score of a lifetime.  A fellow mid-century modern lover said to us, "You will never find as good of a score as this the rest of your life!", she was right.  There is a high in finding new treasures to bring home and make your own.  Obviously, we have a full blown addiction and need to enter a twelve step program pronto, but for today...we are going to go over fabric swatches.....oh, fabric swatches...how can i love and inversely loathe thee at the same time??

We are trying to find a suitable match for the original fabric on this sofa and arm chair. They have a great texture to it and we love the contrast of the yellow against the robin's egg blue walls, so we'd like to stick to something similar.


 (The cushion isn't in the chair in this photo above.)

(Detail of leg of sofa above.)

I've narrowed it down to two that I like best, and the price difference isn't too big of a deal.  But it has been hard finding the exact color of mustard yellow to match the original fabric.  Some are too green, too brown, too orange, etc.  it gets old reallllll fast.

We also will need to recover these three chairs below.  One is a similar to the tall yellow above, only shorter, and the additional two chairs are more of a dining room chair style but upholstered all over.  They are currently covered in the same fabric as the couch.  We will most likely be selling these three chairs (definitely the two tall yellow ones below, the short rounded one depends on if we have room to keep it in the living room), because we might not be keeping them we have the freedom to cover it in something different.  But whatever we choose needs to be able to be flexible.  

The fabric is in really great condition on most of the furniture, considering how old the furniture is, but the foam padding underneath is hard as a rock and is disintegrating, similar to this post.  I found out that the old foam was oil based and that is why it dries out, and that the modern day foam is petroleum based.  Due to this, the cost is much more expensive than the old oil based foam and when gas prices were out of control, the price of foam also was.  The man who will be re-upholstering all of our furniture told us that there was a time not that long ago that he would call to place an order for foam and the price would be good for only 24 hours due to the rise in petroleum prices  Who knew? haha

Back to our fabric choices!  The grey above (bottom left) is both David and my favorite of all the choices, but looks bad against the light blue walls.  We have thought about recovering one or more of the other chairs, but still haven't made a decision.  The grey chevron type stripe above (bottom right) is another semi neutral option.  I think this could look really good on even the entire couch, but again it is too light for our walls.  Ignore my little sketch on the green post it.  I was trying to get an idea of the shape of the couch while at the fabric store - here at home, i have the luxury of the internet!!!  This is what the couch looks finished.

Also, these are the additional fabrics I picked up and don't know what to do with.   The grey and yellow ikat kinda rocks my world...but I know how I change my mind as the wind blows (as you have seen via this blog), so I know not to do anything more than a throw pillow with it.  The same goes for the squares fabric to the right above.  Here is a larger photo of it below I found online.

More info to come soon!

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