Craigslist jerks

I need just a moment to vent if you don't mind.  Craigslist is one of my FAVORITE places to find new (to us) treasures, items for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, vintage bicycles, you name it.  It is the reason we are able to switch items out so often here at Casa de Sellers.  When I get tired of looking at something, I take photos and place it on craigslist, then I begin the hunt for a new one to replace it.  I love craigslist!  But the ridiculous comments you get from people that just want to harass you drive me bonkers.  Here is my story....

So, as you probably know (because it's all I talk about on here), we had some furniture reupholstered and placed what we couldn't use on craigslist, and in an effort to make up for the money we poured into purchasing 30 yards of professional upholstery fabric and having it all reupholstered, we are attempting to make up some of that money in what we are asking for the chairs.  We aren't even asking a fraction of what the chairs are actually worth, but we do recognize that yes, we are in Nashville, and putting our stuff on craigslist, therefore we can't get the upwards of $2K price tag that mid-century modern dealers can get. And, we aren't dealers, although I'm starting to feel like one.

So, I wrote a very detailed description and I might have thrown in a few decorating terms to back up the price that we are asking.  I knew that these chairs were something special and that could bring a pretty penny, I wanted my ad to convey that. Below is a link to chairs by the same designer that are really similar (albeit, they have a better wood base than ours) but the asking price is $2,400!!  So, here is my craigslist ad:

This is a wonderful pair of sculptural mid-century chairs featuring a two button tufted high back design. They were designed by Adrian Pearsall for Craft Associates circa early 1960s, and are similar to Vladimir Kagan's work. They are in excellent condition and were recently professionally reupholstered in a period-true aqua basket weave, as seen in the detail photos. All interior foam and batting was replaced and these chairs have not been used since. They have the mid-century look that can not be replicated, but with all new materials.

My husband and I purchased a full living room set from this estate and do not have room for these two chairs (we are keeping the sofa and one other chair). The bases of these chairs are carved solid walnut wood and are also in excellent condition, with no breaks or repairs. They are extremely sturdy and oh so comfy to sit in! They would look great flanking a mid-century modern buffet or dresser in a bedroom!

These impressive chairs are approx. 48" in height at the back, 18 1/2" seat height, then at the seat each are 19" wide at the front of the seat and taper back to 15 1/2". Also, the back of the chairs measure 14" wide at the bottom and taper up at the top to 9".

Contact me via email for additional photos or to view in person.



I admit, I might have gone a little overboard with the exclamation points and descriptive words...but I was excited, haha.  So, now, for your reading pleasure....the email I received in the middle of the night from a douche, named Travis :

"FLANKING" ? They would look good FLANKING a Buffet? I Fucking Love it, What a choice of word "FLANKING""Nothing like using Good ole Military Jargon to help write a Mid Century Modern Craigslist posting! I got a serious kick out of that, that ones for the books, Would someone please get Guinness Book on the horn right now! Cheers!!!

Dear Travis,

I have news for you- it's a real term...deal with it.  Stop being a 
condescending prick and harassing people on craigslist.  Life is calling!  Go find one and stop playing World of Warcraft in the middle of the night from your mother's basement.  Yes, flanking is a term used in the military, but like most of English language there are multiple terms and usages, I give you this Travis:

tr.v. flankedflank·ingflanks
1. To protect or guard the flank of.
2. To menace or attack the flank of.
3. To be placed or situated at the flank or side of: Two stone lions flanked the entrance.
4. To put (something) on each side of: flanked the driveway with tall shrubs.

[Middle English, from Old English flanc, from Old French flancof Germanic origin.]

Thanks guys, I feel much better now!


KV said...

I think if you looked up "internet troll" you'd find out what Travis looks like. He needs to find a bridge and hide under it.

I love your response :-)

The Blonde Mule said...

Crap, now you know my secret internet/Craigslist handle. Guess I'll have to come up with something else now.


Seriously, what an asshat.

Dusty Brown said...

I use that term to describe pieces of my jewelry. Travis is a moron. he should just go flank himself. LOL.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Which is why so many people don't sell online. There was a period where I could have written this post about some ebay e-mails that made me want to track people down + bludgeon them with the item I was selling.

the corn maze said...

nice response Carolyn! the mother's basement bit is my favorite.
I'll bet he writes mean craigslist emails all night in his superman underoos!

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