The great rug search....

As you might recall, I've been on the hunt for a rug to go with our giant yellow sofa.  As a temporary solution, I placed our upstairs rug in that area to help us get a feel for a size and colors, etc.  It was too small and too much color as well.

I did a little online shopping and even photoshopped a few rugs in this above photo to see how they would look.  There were two that I was drawn to over at Anthropologie, but you know how the price tags are there.  cha ching.

The first one is very sweet, and our house already tends to be pretty over the top sachrine, so as much as I love it, I think the house needs some edge- some street cred. So the Diamond Jungle Dhurrie would be good for that, but I worry that it is too edgy to be believable in my house. haha  I'm not very edgy to be honest.

Also, in my mind, it needed to be primarily grey and white with a modern all over pattern, I would prefer an all over grey and white diamond pattern...why can't I just design this thing and have it made for like $250?!

There were a few over the last year or two that I had liked and had in the back of my mind, of course, they are now no longer in stock.  I went to West Elm two weeks ago to see what they had.  First was the Safari Rug at West Elm.

But once I saw it in the store, I just wasn't as wild about it - honestly, I think IT was too wild for me.  I laid it out next to the yellow desk they had in store and I still liked the color combination, but I'm pretty sure I'm just not a safari kinda gal. I passed on it, and moved on to the other choices in store.

I had just received their new Fall collection catalog in the mail, and thought that black/navy diamond pattern (The Kite Kilim Rug)was really cool...but our den tends to be dark to begin with, so I think a dark rug will just make it depressing- but I bet that would be pretty hard with a sunshine yellow couch and chair combined with robin's egg blue walls, huh?  Just entertain me.  The blue with grey diamond pattern above it was ok(The Beaded Diamond Dhurrie) and had the grey, as well as a diamond pattern that I was looking for, so I decided to give it a try and take it home and see how it looked in the room.

Notice I tried to sneak in that safari print with the pillow! haha

I just wasn't feeling this rug, it was too dusty blue to go with the walls.  I really liked the flat weave style and I liked the diamond pattern, but I felt we could do better. I had also purchased the Jute Diamond Rug in the small 2' x 3' door mat size, and David liked it better than the blue/grey one above...so, back in the car I went for more rug shopping! 

(Ignore the mess in the background!!)

So, I returned the safari pillow and purchased the Jute Diamond Rug in 5' x 8' as seen above.  I (along with help from Kim aka The Blonde Mule) found the blue pillows at Target for less than $10 each, compared to $39 for the safari pillows at west elm (and that doesn't include the insert!!)

I also had this vintage tweed type pillow that I've had for probably ten years, it had the green and blue of the curtains and brown in it, so I threw it in the chair for now.  You can also see the rug pattern better in the photo below.

I think I like this rug, but it still may be a little dark for this room.  I found these great curtains at World Market that tie it all together...but my heart is still leaning to one of those Anthro rugs up above.

So, I'm hoping this weekend I get it all sorted out and decide what stays and what goes.  Any thoughts or suggestions, guys!!??  I'm all ears!


alexis said...

my votes are for diamond jungle or jute diamond. i actually think i like the jute one better, even though i usually think jute looks so messy. have you checked overstock.com?

Carolyn said...

Umm, what is this little nugget??


Also, I really had liked this rug on hsn.com - it looks denim in color on the small photo, but if you watch the video, it doesn't appear to be the same color.


Moi said...

I loved that 2nd West Elm rug in the store, but man I don't love it in the room. It ain't right! You know I heart that Anthro rug, but it is so expensive. I also still like the Nate Berkus/HSN rug. Maybe try it....

Carolyn said...

Thanks for the input! haha
What did you think about that awesome one on Overstock? The first link above in my comment?

Dusty Brown said...

My first thought when I started reading your post was how about about a white and grey kind of argyle look for the rug? And BTW, I was at Pottery on Thursday and they had a lot of really awesome pillows for less than $10. I was acutally surprised by how many current things they had. (You know how they sometimes have a bunch of crap? Well right now they have some things with real potential.)

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