Flea Market finds

Hey guys!  Sorry I'm a few days late posting my flea market finds for you!  If I were a good little girl, I would have posted them before the flea market ended so that you could run out and snatch them up for yourself.  But alas, I am never good at keeping deadlines-- I'm working on it!

Thursday was my 32nd birthday, David was going to have to work late and we wouldn't get to celebrate until really late, so we decided to spend the morning together with coffee and the flea market!

David gave me the romantic gift of some batteries for my new(ish) camera!  So sweet, that one! ;-)

We hit up the flea market, only to be turned around by a lady in the parking lot informing us that due to the previous weekend's fair, the flea market vendors were just now setting up. 

So, Take II:  On Friday morning, we woke up extra early so we could make it to the flea market and still be at work by 9:00. Ouch.  But it worked.  Check out the full flea finds set here.


I noticed mucho antlers this month, I wanted them all for myself too- I bought none.

I already have one like this in the upstairs sitting area of our house, but I would love to have more.  I figure, it isn't too cruel to animals if I'm giving it new life again.....riiiiight?  I know, I'm just kidding myself.

It reminds me of Nikole Harriot of Forty-Sixth at Grace's bedroom as seen here in her sneak peek on Design*Sponge:

I also loved the small vintage tins and old map of Illinois in the above pic!

Also in abundance was industrial anything:

It's hard to see what this is, but it is an awesome industrial metal and wood table or cart.  
Wish I had a need or the space for this!!

This large wooden laundry crate and old carousel horse are equally cool.

There's a million projects you can use these old wooden crates for...one of my favorite is this one from the Australian site, homelife.com.au . They add wheels to a crate and make it a side table!  

Check out homelife, they always have great ideas and equally cool photos.  If you are into the industrial style, but aren't sure how to incorporate it into your home, these photos from homelife might help:

Back to the flea market finds!  

I really loved the packaging on these old dominoes, as well as the old seltzer bottles.  The bottles would look great on a bar cart!

It's really hard for David and I both to pass up vintage radios and clock radios, especially when it is AQUA!! But we managed to get out without taking one home with us!

And if you know me by now, you know that I have a chair obsession. Here are a few I came across...

I loved thse aqua child-sized chairs.  If I were working on a child's room right now, I'd put them with this round rug of the Earth available at Scandinavian Design Center, (the same place we purchased our rug for the kitchen) and I would paint the walls yellow.  Just saying.

But I'm not working on a child's room, so don't get any ideas...or start any rumors!  yet....haha
Loved this bike, should have bought it- it was $35!

Somehow I passed up this owl cookie jar...not sure why...probably David said I didn't need it.  That's usually what happens to my impulse buys when he is with me.

And last, but not least, this old bingo contraption was really neat.

Per usual, I forget to take photos of the stuff that we actually bought.  I think I just get so excited that I jump on it and immediately stick it in my bag.  I'll get around to my flea market purchases one day.

Now, I leave you with this song....because I'm off to catch a plane to New York!!  Hooray!


Becky said...

Love your blog! Next time you need a flea market buddy, call me.

ModFruGal said...

fun finds...so sorry to miss it this month :(

Anonymous said...

Once again, GREAT finds!! Thanks for letting me live through your flea visits!!! Keep it up!!!

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